+36303000090 |info@lysande.hu                                    Conscious women's choice for glowing skin!

+36303000090 |info@lysande.hu                                    Conscious women's choice for glowing skin!

About us

"Being beautiful means that you shine. Always from the heart outwards. You believe in yourself because you know exactly who you are, that you are valuable and capable of anything. Anyone can smile, only a few can shine!"

Even at a young age, I was interested in natural science and the world of cosmetics, which is why I chose a chemical industry technical school during my further studies, and then graduated as a medical diagnostic laboratory analyst at the Faculty of Health Sciences of PTE. Continuous learning and development have been important to me ever since.

After several years of managerial and quality assurance experience in a pharmaceutical laboratory, a conscious lifestyle led me to the world of natural cosmetics. I received many tests and challenges during my life, so I was forced to get to know myself and the world more deeply. Eventually I got to the point where I wanted to create my own natural cosmetics brand. I look back with gratitude that I accepted and took on the challenges, because I am finally doing what I love.

I created my products as a result of several years of research, in addition to my best professional knowledge, I developed and perfected them with love, so that we can preserve the beauty and health of our skin for as long as possible.

During the developments, efficiency, cleanliness, quality raw materials and the likability of the product were important aspects, which can make it indispensable and nice to the user.

What makes LYSANDE® skin care products unique?

They contain the best quality special organic vegetable butters, oils, extracts, as well as essential key active ingredients and vitamins, which are truly recommended for all skin types and for all ages.

Each formula contains chemical-free innovation that nourishes, cares for and protects the skin. Thanks to the exceptionally high content of active ingredients and the organic ingredients, the quality change can be seen on the skin in just a few days. Whether it's about rushing everyday life or skin problem-specific solutions.

All this, combined with awareness, healthy nutrition and regular exercise, forms a lifestyle in everyday life, the beneficial and positive effects of which can accompany us throughout our lives.


Klára Horváth

LYSANDE® Natural Cosmetics

Owner, product developer