+36303000090 |info@lysande.hu                                    Conscious women's choice for glowing skin!

+36303000090 |info@lysande.hu                                    Conscious women's choice for glowing skin!



I develop my natural cosmetic products based on more than 25 years of professional experience.

When I create a formula, I always start by selecting the ingredients, taking into account how they affect each other, how they are absorbed, how they penetrate the different layers of the skin. For this, of course, I need to know the properties of the raw materials, the anatomy of the skin, and what a specific skin type or skin condition needs.

Because of all this, my products only contain the best quality special organic vegetable butters, oils, extracts, as well as essential key ingredients and vitamins that are really recommended for all skin types and for all ages.

To achieve maximum results, I use raw materials certified by ECOSERT/COSMOS. As a conscious brand, I believe in the power of organic and natural ingredients, so the benefits of using them are not only important for the planet and the environment, but also affect the whole body.

Each formula contains chemical-free innovation that nourishes, cares for and protects the skin. Thanks to the exceptionally high content of active ingredients and the organic ingredients, the quality change can be seen on the skin in just a few days. Whether it's about rushing everyday life or skin problem-specific solutions.

The type of nutrients and active substances we take into our body plays a key role in maintaining health.

Therefore, my preparations:

They do not contain synthetic coloring materials, the color of the products is the natural color corresponding to the active ingredients.

In order to ensure optimal skin tolerance, they do not contain harmful chemical and synthetic agents or fragrances, the products smell of plant ingredients.

They are free of genetically modified ingredients and raw materials of animal origin.

The products are not tested on animals.

During the appearance, the goal was a clean appearance, which reflects the excellent quality of the products and the purity of the ingredients. In addition, the products received recyclable packaging with Airless technology, thereby increasing their shelf life and providing protection against contamination and oxidation.

I am committed to preserving the resources and wildlife of our Earth, so my products are 100% vegan and I reject animal testing.

My goal is for everyone who uses LYSANDE® products to have beautiful and healthy skin.

LYSANDE® natural cosmetics are made by hand with great care according to the Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetics (cosmetic GMP) - MSZ EN ISO 22716 standard. We produce small quantities every time, so we always serve our customers and partners with fresh cosmetics.

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